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This Giants Security Guard Keeps Getting In The Way

Poor guy. He's just down there in the left field corner doing his job. A job that involves standing around all night, staying alert, and trying to keep his antennae up in case some asshole throws something or interferes with play or behaves like a drunken lout. Now he's got to figure out what the hell to do when a fair ball comes bouncing right at him. And there's only one place to go.

He wanders onto the field of play, thinking he's safely out of the way. Except he's not. The ball hit by Eric Young caroms around in the corner, and by the time Andres Torres comes up with it, Young is on his way to third base. Which means our man is now directly in Torress's line of fire. There's nothing left to do but duck and hope no one notices. Too late.


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