This Great Yaya Touré Goal Is The Perfect Cap To The 2014 PL Season

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TOURE-GOAL - May 7, 2014 6_13 PM

Well, it's over. Manchester City played Aston Villa today in the Premier League, and whammed on them. Unless Manchester City lose to midtable West Ham next weekend, they'll be crowned Premier League champions.

There's probably a post coming in due time about What This All Means, that Liverpool came oh so close before their dreams were finally, mercilessly stomped into the dirt by a surging City and some guy from Portugal.


But that's going to have to come later, because right now, I'm still speechless from this Yaya Touré goal, in which he collects the ball from well inside City's half in stoppage time, then dribbles 75 yards past and through five chasing Aston Villa defenders before calmly finishing in the back of the net.


That's his 20th of the season. He's a midfielder. What else is there to say?

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