This "He Said, She Said" Trial Involving An Ex-NL West Outfielder Is Getting Weird

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Of course, we're talking about the palimony case of Olvera v. [Brian] Giles. What did you think we were talking about? Giles' ex-girlfriend is suing him for $10 million that he allegedly promised her after their breakup.


She might need the money, because her current fiancé—one Chuck Knoblauch—wasn't quite the player Giles was.

Anyway, the trial yesterday took another strange turn, as four-time Pro Bowl Chargers left guard Kris Dielman showed up to testify on Giles' behalf. Better still, Junior Seau's ex-wife, a neighbor of Giles, gave her testimony too. Is there only one neighborhood for rich San Diegans? Do all the pro athletes hang out with, uh, Carmen?

Here's the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Chargers Pro Bowl guard Kris Dielman testified Tuesday that the ex-girlfriend of former Padres outfielder Brian Giles threatened to sue Dielman after he accidently gave her a bloody nose in a limousine a few years ago.

Dielman, a friend of Giles, said they were "goofing around" in the limo after partying in downtown San Diego. As he tried to tackle Giles in the limo, Dielman said his size-13 foot went up and hit Cheri Olvera in the nose, making it bloody. Several months later — after Dielman agreed to a six-year, $39 million contract in 2007 — Olvera asked him for money, he said.

According to Dielman's testimony, Olvera said to him, "Now that (he has) a contract, I would like to sue you."

Yes, Kris Dielman and Brian Giles would definitely play-tackle each other in a limo. Makes you glad you got that PhD, I'm sure.

Dielman added some stuff about Olvera yelling at Giles' mother—"This is your boyfriend's mother you're talking to you. It's his box and his champagne and you're cussing out his mother in front of all his friends and family"—and says that he saw Olvera hit Giles at least once. But a 2006 battery charge against Giles ensures that he doesn't look so great in this case, either.


But Giles is retired, so this isn't the Padres' problem anymore. Back to worrying about Kyle Blanks' strikeout rate, everyone!

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