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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled This Horrendous Atlanta United Fan Chant Is The Nadir Of American Football Cosplay

If you haven’t yet grasped why American soccer’s penchant for ripping off European fan culture without any of the history or tradition from which the real culture emerged is so embarrassing—think MLS team names like Sporting KC and D.C. United, or incidents like New York Red Bulls “ultras” tossing garbage bags at and scrapping with fans of their blood rivals NYC FC, a team that was invented out of whole cloth about three weeks ago—then these shrieking, bouncing jabronis attempting to show off just how Real Soccer Fan they are by shouting quite simply the stupidest chant of all time, one ostensibly inspired by their undying love for Atlanta United, a brand new, tradition- and history-free expansion franchise that somehow has engendered such devotion without playing a single competitive match, should make the vexing nature of it all viscerally clear:


Come on, guys. You’re making us look bad.


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