"This Is Live, Isn't It?" Asks The Rock Just After Dropping A "Bullshit" On SportsCenter

Once again, John Buccigross is in the middle of daytime SportsCenter antics, this time with Dwayne Johnson, who may or may not still be using "The Rock" professionally. Johnson was on ESPN to promote some lame-ass Jurassic Park ripoff titled Journey 2, which sounds more like the name of Steve Perry's backup band than a legitimate film, but whatever. [ESPN]


Update: We didn't mention this in the original run of the post, but since commenters are asking there's no FCC issue at play here, because a) the FCC only oversees broadcast television and radio (ESPN could broadcast hardcore porn if they liked) and b) the current version of the FCC doesn't go after "incidental indecency" the way the last president's commission did.