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This Is Not The Best Way To Try And Catch A Home-Run Ball

Every baseball fan who buys tickets in the outfield dreams of exactly one thing: catching a home run ball hit by Seattle Mariners catcher Tom Murphy. With that goal so close to his grasp in the fifth inning of Monday night’s Royals-Mariners game, it’s understandable that an overexcited Ichiro supporter would take some ill-advised measures to try and capture a ball.

As you can see above, when Murphy’s dinger sailed over the wall, one man tried to snag it by, I think, throwing his jacket up in the hopes of smothering it in flight. Needless to say, he didn’t succeed, and though the broadcast cuts away before a clear victor in the search for the ball is declared, it certainly looks like our pal Jacket Guy is in the worst position to grab it.


Here’s the view as it happened on the TV. It almost looks celebratory if you’re not aware of how much of a failure it is.

Might I suggest bringing an oversized cloak next game.

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