Father's Day is coming up. What do you get for the man who has everything and hates everyone? Luke Scott's fungo bat This 1936 Ku Klux Klan baseball bat.

Thanks to Craig Calcaterra for digging this one up and making us wonder what's in his Google history. The bat is in excellent condition and features gold-leaf vines wrapping the shaft and a silver cross on the knob engraved with the letters KKK. On a silver scroll on the handle, "R. Huff, Fulton, Missouri, 1936, Ku Klux Klan." R. Huff must've been a feared slugger on that 1936 KKK softball team, but we have to put an asterisk next to his rec league stats because it presumably wasn't integrated.


Bidding starts at $1,000 for this piece of Americana, but we can't imagine it appealing to anyone but the strictest completists. The type who mourns for the Klan Day at the Reds game that never was. The type who attended the Jim Evans umpiring school's KKK-themed bowling party. What I'm saying is, if you see this bat on a friend's mantel, you should really ask some follow-up questions.

Lot 494: 1936 KKK PRESENTATIONAL BAT [Lelands]