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Yesterday, we told you about local-sports-reporter-turned-vigilante Vic Lombardi defacing Joe Flacco posters in downtown Denver. For whatever reason, Glenn Clark of WNST in Baltimore was pissed about this, and got into a Twitter spat with Lombardi. That led to Lombardi calling into Clark's radio show, at which point the two men proceeded to transform into a pair of lowing man-babies, butting their stupid man-baby heads together for nearly eight minutes. This is Skippy and Goatface's Morning Sports Holocaust come to life.

Here's the entire train wreck, but be warned: listening to it will make you want to never watch or talk about sports again.


Shit gets really ridiculous about six minutes in, at which point Clark unleashes a sick burn about how hard it is to breathe in Denver, leading Lombardi to unleash an even sicker burn about how hard it is to not get murdered in Baltimore. Clark responds to this by throwing the Aurora theater shooting back in Lombardi's face. Yes, that shit really happens.


They also call each other "douche" a lot.

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