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This Is Probably Not A Good Idea, But ...

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So you know the Super Bowl? Big game, Bears-Colts, this Sunday, Billy Joel's gonna be there? Yeah, that one. Well, in a move we'll probably end up regretting, we have accepted an invitation to do the live blog of the game for CBS Sportsline. We decided to do this because the Super Bowl is on CBS, and lots of people watch the Super Bowl, and there will be Deadspin stuff all over Sportsline, and the notion of that makes us laugh. (It has a certain Trojan Horse quality to it.) We are taking no payment for the live blog and only accepted because we thought it would be funny. We're not sure we're gonna be correct about that.

There are a few issues that concern us:

• 1. They insist on calling it a "glog." Seriously, that's what they call it. We are a "glogger." This sounds like a stagehand on a gay porn film.
• 2. They say we can say what we want. We're not sure we believe this. We can't curse, but we're not big into the expletives anyway, and they would rather us not imply that Phil Simms is gay, which is fine, because that's his son anyway. But still: We're not sure we believe them.
• 3. MJD. The Mighty MJD will be here all weekend and will be live-blogging the game for us. He is a much better live blogger than we are, and he will shame us, and not just because he can say dirty words.
• 4. General ethos. We prefer just doing our own thing over here and answering just to you. We worry about doing — gratis, but still — work for someone else who might be wearing cufflinks. For crying out loud, have you seen what CBS has done to Andy Rooney? He's actually 37 years old.
• 5. Glog. Seriously. "Glog."


But, well, we're gonna do it anyway, if just because we didn't have anything going on Super Bowl Sunday anyway. So if you want to come by and mock us for a few minutes before heading back over to MJD, feel free. It might be fun to see what we can get away with ... but probably not.

We Saw Chris Simms Make A Spinach Dip In A Loaf Of Sourdough Bread Once [Deadspin]

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