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In that frame up above, the guy playing as the Seahawks in Madden 18 recovered the onside kick with a lead of six and five seconds left. He still absolutely blew it.

The choke was only possible because of some high-grade cockiness. At the start of the video, the guy playing the Falcons was down nine points with 26 seconds left. He didn’t have any timeouts, but he was still trying to connect on a deep pass. Falcons Guy actually converted on fourth down but the clock kept running since the pass was completed inbounds. Seahawks Guy was arrogant enough to burn one of his timeouts to keep the game going. Stupid!


Falcons Guy wisely went for the quick field goal with eight seconds left to make it a one-score game, so that he could go for the onside kick. Having already burned one very easy way to win, Seahawks Guy did it again by choosing to lateral after successfully recovering the onside kick. Falcons Guy picked up the fumble and ran it all the way back, then made the PAT to win. Virtual Pete Carroll was beside himself.

Now, for my own less interesting Madden story: One time I was down 21 points in the fourth quarter and put together 20 points but missed the game-tying PAT at the end of regulation after getting distracted by my phone. That sucked.

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