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This Is The Third Time A Man Dressed Like A Woman And Chained Himself Up Near Her Local Walgreens

On first blush, the Uniontown, Pa. police-report details — as relayed by the Tribune-Review — were ample to paint a decent picture of Stephen M. Carr's New Year's Day arrest in the Walgreens parking lot.

"Carr was cross-dressing by wearing makeup, female eyeglasses, a female shirt, female pants, stockings and high heels," said police in a report. The chain around Carr's neck, according to the report, was secured with a lock and led behind the driver's seat, where it was attached to Carr's ankles with handcuffs. "He stated 'cause he came to Walgreens to get his wife a drink, and being dressed like a woman is hard to just walk into the store. So he chained up/restrained himself to build himself up to going into the store dressed like a woman to get his wife a drink."


Sassy. However, a call to Capt. David Rutter of the Uniontown PD turned up some intriguing nuggets. There is no mugshot of Carr as he was issued a summary offense and cut loose once freed from the chains that bound him. Bummer. Yet, Rutter added something to the equation, namely that it was the third time Carr had been nabbed in such a predicament.

The first time came in 2008. The second time, "he was wearing a ballgag." And this time, he offered that story about getting his wife a drink but "we don't even know if he's married."

"He's just doing it for shock value," Rutter noted, suggesting in lieu of a mugshot, I find a cartoonist/illustrator to render an image of "a crossdressing freak."


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