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This Is The Worst Offensive Possession Of The NBA Season

Did you watch the Nuggets-Wizards game last night? I sure hope you didn't, because that game suuuuuucked. It was a game that featured a final score of 75-74, a combined 44 turnovers, and ended with the Wizards blowing four straight chances at a game-winning shot. But perhaps no play captures the full magnitude of suck that was put on display as the one above, which may very well be the worst offensive possession you will ever see.


Let's break this down: Eric Maynor brings the ball over the half-court line with 19 seconds remaining on the shot clock. That's plenty of time to run an offensive set and get a good look at the rim, right? Wrong! Maynor receives a completely useless high screen from Trevor Booker and is forced to swing the ball back to the left wing. Otto Porter tries to drive to his left, but because Booker sets yet another useless screen, he is hemmed in by two Nuggets defenders and has to kick the ball back to Maynor at the top of the key.

This is where things get good, because oh my god Trevor Booker what the hell are you doing? Instead of setting a screen for Maynor, he just kind of floats around near his point guard, allowing his defender to come out and double team Maynor while he just stands there and looks on, totally helpless. The shot clock runs down to its final seconds, and Maynor has no choice but to heave a desperation air ball.

The Wizards never even got the ball inside the three-point line.

h/t Mike Prada