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This Is What Happens When A Woman Goes On Jim Rome's Show contributor Amy K. Nelson is a daily guest on ESPN's Jim Rome Is Burning this week. Here's how the Twitterverse responded:

@AmyKNelson u look really hot on Jim rome

There is a girl on jim rome right now trying to talk about the #nba please just get off the tv

why is there a woman on jim rome discussing the nba? can anyone say note cards? #title9

the girl on Jim Rome is buring right now is just like look at me, I'm readin off a card.

so who is this good looking woman on Jim Rome? her voice is too squeaky

@AmyKNelson your awesome and pretty fine too

This girl on 'jim rome is burning' is bruuuutal. Get another job lady

Jim Rome n this lady blowing me today

Jim Rome brought this chick on his show to tear her a new one. She is terrible. Just a classic case of women not knowing sports :)

Jim Rome tearing apart this woman on his show today, lol.... (that's what she said?)

@AmyKNelson would you go out on a date with me?

Jim rome just schooled that blond bitch.... And exposed she dosent know shut about sports!! Yo she's horrible

This girl on jim rome is burning is pissing me off...she's jus pointing out the obvious, quiete! and go make me and jim a sandwich. -___-

Doris Burke should be the only women aloud on Jim Rome

@AmyKNelson you are so hot in those stockings. I would fuck ur hosed feet and cum all over ur black hosiery. Allow me 2 jack off 4 u

Jim rome is a bitch

Photo via Amy K. Nelson's Twitter.


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