At some point this evening, the ESPN comment moderators lost their minds and decided to attempt to deal with the Greater Than Tebow meme that's been raging on a Bill Williamson post for the past three days. But instead of simply disabling comments, the site has burdened some poor intern with the task of deleting individual comments. By our very rough estimate, he or she only has about 47,203 (and counting!) comments to go.*

For a while, their efforts created a kind of stalemate, in which comments were posted and deleted in equal speed. That's what we attempted to capture above. This could be called a standoff, but really, there's been a winner ever since the first "Greater Than Tebow" comment was posted. As long as you keep posting, they'll have to keep deleting, because—by some twisted moral rationale—they won't just shut it down. (As I write this, "Espn executives jerking off on a plane while sitting next to Erin Andrews > Tebow" was added by a "gregfish40561." That one can't last for too long.)

What a great day. Thanks for taking the time out of your otherwise productive lives to harass a website for a bit. It's been wonderfully entertaining. Should they shut it down this evening, head on over to for more fun.

*Necessary Update: This is a completely made-up number.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. You all > Tebow.