This Is What Happens When You Brawl On A Pecan Farm

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Well, you don't see stories like this one every day. Let's see if we can piece together the progression of things that happened to Texas running back Ramonce Taylor this weekend, according to this from CBS wire reports:

• Police are called in response to a fight involving as many as 100 people.
• The fight was taking place on a pecan farm in Little River, Texas.
• Ramonce Taylor, running back for the defending national champion Texas Longhorns, was the one who called police.
• Officers at the fight scene say that Taylor was involved in the fight, left, and threatened to return to the fight with his gun.
• Taylor feels the handcuffs go on.
• Taylor gives police permission to search his vehicle.
• Police find a live round of ammunition.
• Police find over five pounds of marijuana in a backpack.

See, life's a little different on the pecan farms. It's not like your cushy suburban existance. The cats on the pecan farm are hard. Oh, and possession of marijuana over five pounds is a second-degree felony, by the way, which is punishable by up to 20 years in the joint. Uh-oh.


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