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This Is What You Get For Being A Slacker

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If education is a carrot-and-stick operation, then for students in the Cincinnati, the reward for good grades was a chance to meet the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Marvin Lewis accidentally invited the life of the party instead. Oops!

Instead of calling about 2,500 honor roll students with invitations to the shindig, Lewis' pre-recorded message went out to about 20,000 elementary school students regardless of their ability to spell, write cursive, do long division and suck up to their impressionable teachers. The "Academic Achievement Party" was completely foiled, because now, Lewis and the four Bengals were going to look down on the goody two-shoes while teaching the finer points of partying to the spitball-blowing class clowns.

So Lewis did the only thing he could do: He recorded another apologetic message and rescinded the invite to the non-honor roll students. Lose-lose situation. Students were, naturally, distraught, learning at a young age what it's like to be a Bengals fan.


The Bengals weren't happy, either. They thought they were in for a good time.

CPS kids get bad call from Bengals coach []

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