This Is Why Conlin Rules

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Even if he hates the pamphleteers: "If the printed page dies, there is no denying that the fatal wounds have been self-inflicted. There was an elitist smugness even in the press boxes of the 1960s, when Howard Cosell was just a radio nobody hustling for interviews in clubhouses filled with sports writers who treated him like a wad of gum stuck to the soles of their Florsheims. One of my early idols, Dick Young, railed at TV crews trolling for sound bites on his clubhouse turf. And this was before the Internet had a name or an existence. Now, with bloggers knocking down the walls, 24/7 sports radio and TV networks all around, sports writers still string quotes from day-old press conferences that have been cycled and recycled on radio and TV. Guys and gals, this isn't the '60s anymore." [Philly Daily News]