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This Is Why JaVale McGee Is The Best Thing In The NBA

This is from last night's Raptors-Wizards game. Please keep an eye on JaVale McGee. He's the fellow who first goes backward between the legs (impressive), then throws up the ball within an area code of the hoop (less impressive), then goes tearing down the court while the Wiz still have possession (awesome). JaVale McGee hustles back on defense while on offense.

That gap in the video, between the moment he leaves the camera shot and the moment he returns, is like the gap in the video of Secretariat winning the Belmont, right after he hits the wire. It is where the athlete demonstrates how far beyond the ordinary he is. JaVale McGee is a TREMENDOUS MACHINE.

And then he falls down.

[Sports Bog; video via TSN]

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