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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Is Why You Don't Let Coaches On The Field

Illustration for article titled This Is Why You Dont Let Coaches On The Field

Did you know that because Arena Football games don't really have sidelines coaches are allowed to stand on the field of play? So everyone knew that one would eventually end up in a wheelchair, right?


Iowa Barnstormers (that's AF2, by the way) coach John Gregory suffered a broken leg and a torn knee ligament when four players pasted him into the sideline boards in a game on April 18. So I guess there was one person who didn't see it coming after all.

"The quarterback got chased my way, and I was looking downfield," Gregory said. "I didn't see it until late. By the time I looked up, they were right on top of me. And it was the short side of the field, as well."

Gregory faces probable knee surgery once the broken leg heals. For now, he cannot put any weight on his left leg and he is confined to a wheelchair. He had to watch Saturday's 33-29 loss against Quad City from a chair behind the sideline boards.

"I think it went all right," he said. "I think I might have been more effective on the field, but we didn't lose because of that."


Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing this implemented in an NFL game sometime. How long do you think Bill Belichick would last lined up next to Randy Moss? Two ... three downs?

Barnstormers coach joins ranks of injured reserve [The Des Moines Register]

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