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This Lady Will Soon Run The New Orleans Saints

Her name is Rita Benson Leblanc. Granddaughter of Saints' owner Tom Benson. At 31 she's the VP of the Saints. But the Times-Picayune argues that her pedigree is only part of her success.

Kind of. The story lays out how driven and smart and good with numbers she is, but it also spends some time focused on her as a foot-stomping cheerleader who loves her "PAWPAW." So maybe this feature serves as a warning to Saints fans that once the 82-year-old Benson dies, she's the one who'll call the shots in New Orleans. (Or move them to a larger market.) Too young? Too Cameron Diaz-y? Oh, and former employee Mike Feder pretty much says he's not a fan of her hands-on management style.

"I know she's intelligent, " Feder says. "I just think she hadn't figured out how to deal with people."


Incompetent people like Mike Feder, most likely, but it still should be noted that somebody doesn't think too highly of her. This isn't the first profile done of LeBlanc — Portfolio did a four-page spread on her two years ago about how she's the one person who helped "save the Saints." So watch out for her. Her closest peer responsibility-wise is Jed York, 28-year-old president of the San Francisco 49ers. Those two should get married!

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