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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Little Packer Fan Cried All The Way Home

How painful was Green Bay's overtime loss to Arizona. I think this sad and demonstrative Packer fan, spotted on the 2 train in New York City last night, tells the story just fine.

Sure, it's a crappy cell phone video, but the I feel the underwater sensation only adds to the crushing pathos evident in this poor man's struggle. He is all of us, drunk and alone on the subway in the middle of the night, wondering if beauty and truth can ever exist in this world again. Uh ... metaphorically speaking, that is. I certainly don't know anyone who has ever acted this way after getting thrown out of a Dunkin Donuts in Murray Hill because they wouldn't serve you a box of assorted Munchkins just before closing time.

Anyway. Sorry about the game, pal. Tough break.

A True Fan [i Spot a Story]

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That is all for today. Let me take this opportunity to say that I regret having been a sports fan in the steroid era, because I would have really preferred to not have to listen to all these apologies. Enjoy the Monday Night Nothing tonight....

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