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We were directed to the message boards of a site for steroid enthusiasts — specifically to a post from someone claiming to be a Villanova baseball player wondering what to take to bulk up fast.

On the forums, user "ultimatepr27" poses this query to the community (a full screengrab is below):

SUBJ: Villanova baseball player 1st cycle

Hi i play college baseball. My measurements are
160 lbs.
My coaches told me if i gain 15-20 lbs i will probably get drafted. But i want 15-20 lbs of muscle not water retention. I have done alot of research and was wondering if this was a good first cycle plan.

1-12 Test E 500 gms/week

1-4 Dbol 50 grams/day

7-12 Winny 50 gms/day

If you guy think this is good or bad or needs a change please i need to know. It is my first cycle so i dont know as much as you guys so please help me out.

Thank You!

For the uninformed in anabolic lingo, those proposed substances are testosterone enanthate, methandrostenolone and stanozolol, respectively. They are all highly illegal for their performance enhancing effects.


Our tipster claims Villanova head coach Joe Gordi is aware of the post and has begun testing players. The school's media relations director Michael Sheridan tells us the university will look into it, and that all Villanova teams — including baseball — are subject to NCAA and institutional drug testing.

Other posters on the message board ask "ultimatepr27" a couple of follow-up questions, and to their credit, tell him he's too young to be getting involved with this, that if he wants to bulk up, he needs to alter his diet. Oh, and "dieseljimmy" chimes in with "You should not mention anything that would assist anyone in identifying you. You just can't be too safe."

No, you can't. We scanned the Villanova baseball roster for possible identities of "ultimatepr27," and found only one player with the initials P.R. His age matches what he told the forum members, as does his weight (though the height is a couple inches off).

We're not making any accusations, because it's hard to imagine a wannabe steroid user being so stupid as to render his anonymity worthless (though it's not hard to imagine a college kid being exactly this stupid).


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Illustration for article titled This Looks Like A Villanova Baseball Player Asking For Advice On Steroids

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