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Gary Myers of the New York Daily News: Stop. This is an actual paragraph you wrote in a newspaper with a circulation of nearly 800,000:

"I think he will be a good soldier," one NFL source said Wednesday. "At the end of the year, I think he will express those concerns to the Jets. He will want to move on. The one thing about Tebow is he is the quintessential team player. He would never do anything that is going to undermine the team. But he's football-aholic. It's in his blood."


Well, we tried, but evidently we can't get midway through Week Two without talking about Tim Tebow's blood and hypothetical trade demands. Readers, you will be forgiven if you never read another word again.

If Tim Tebow is slated to remain backup, expect him to want to bolt NY Jets in 2013 [NYDN]

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