I see the words that have been hastily scrawled with Magic Marker on this sweat-soaked towel, but I'm not sure I understand what they mean. It seems to imply that the Cardinals are in fact the NFC West Division champions. The Arizona Cardinals? The football team? Whatever! (Let the record show that I am currently making the "drinky, drinky" motion.)

The Cards did beat up on the team that replaced them (promptly winning a Super Bowl) in St. Louis for the second time this season, making them 5-0 against their own division and ... well I'll be damned ... they have eliminated the competition and will win their first division title since 1975, when they weren't even in this division. They will also host a playoff game for the first time since 1947, when they weren't even in St. Louis yet. I guess our former editor's decision to sign the entire Deadspin staff up for the CardsShop.com mailing list has finally paid off.

Seriously, I'm not at all tired of deleting these from my inbox. Of course, if I owned the team, I could get this stuff for free:

“This is the first time he’s gotten a hat, you know. He likes his hat a lot.” — Michael Bidwill, Cardinals president and the son of the longtime owner Bill Bidwill, after the team handed out T-shirts and hats with “NFC West Champions” printed on them.


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