The rumors are true. It seems that the new Lions logo that "leaked" awhile back is legit and a new typeface and squiggly lines will soon usher in a glorious new era of Detroit football.

A new coach, new GM, a new No .1 draft pick QB waiting in the wings (grumble, grumble) and now these snappy new unis—oh, yes this team is destined for greatness ... as soon as they shake off the five decades of failure that weigh down the hopes and dreams of a troubled populace like a rusty anchor.

The leaping lion appears more fierce, while the team name features an italicized slant. The team says the changes are consistent with its "sense of mission and direction."

Yes, he does seem more fierce. Having a face will do that to a mascot. Is it possible for Lions fans to be energized by this? Does a smart new coach and No. 1 overall pick encourage anyone at this point? How many times has this franchise been here before and how many times has absolutely nothing changed? Why do they torture their fans with "mission statements" and "new directions" and new merchandise that only translates into fans feeding a broken machine with more and more of their hard-earned money while receiving nothing in return? Why? Why?!

Oh, and where can I pick up one of those new t-shirts?

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