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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Tampa Bay Devil Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir thinks that through gut, determination, and a few plane crashes involving about 10 other American League teams, his team has a shot at the postseason.

"What's possible? Play in October, that's possible," ace Scott Kazmir said. "That is possible. That's what I got out of Joe Maddon talking to us, and talking to all of my teammates, it's not something that's impossible. We have what it takes to win here."


Indeed. Time travel? Yeah, that's possible. How else could I be posting things six hours in advance? But, yeah, Scott, not even my mastery of quantum physics could get the Rays to the playoffs. And you all made the fatal mistake of letting Elijah Dukes go. You are of less than no interest to me now. Be gone!

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