This Predators Video Could Not Be More American

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Nashville put up a very red-white-and-blue victory over Toronto on Thursday, with Americans notching all four goals and seven of the eight assists. To celebrate, the Predators put together this foot-stomping, air-guitar-shredding, manifest-destiny-realizing highlight video. Today, we are all Predators.

There's obviously a lot going on here.

Among the images, frequent appearances by my favorite member of the animal kingdom: The Bald Eagle (which, in my opinion, should always be capitalized and preceded by "The"). Also featured, great American icons like the aforementioned Hogan, Burt Reynolds as The Bandit, Maverick from Top Gun, Mount Rushmore, a hot dog, GI Joe, RoboCop, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Chuck Norris, and some guys named Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln.


And, of course, Seth Jones, who will lead the U.S. to five straight Olympic championships.

[via Eye on Hockey]