This Season Is Already a Disaster [UPDATED]

This Season Is Already a Disaster [UPDATED]
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This epic disaster of a baseball season gets worse every day.

Major League Baseball announced on Tuesday the Miami Marlins season would be postponed until Sunday as four more players tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the team’s total to 17 positive tests, including 15 of the 33 players it brought to Philadelphia. In addition, the Phillies’ season was postponed until Thursday, “out of an abundance of caution.” Apparently, no Phillies players have tested positive, yet, but they will be kept out of action since they just faced the Marlins. Thus, the Phillies’ home-and-home series against the Yankees, including New York’s home opener on Wednesday, has been postponed. The Yankees will travel to Camden Yards to play the Orioles instead.

According to a statement by MLB, further scheduling changes will be announced later this week.

Additionally, out of 6,400 tests done on Friday, baseball claims there were no other positives among the other 29 teams.

But frankly, if there was anything resembling an abundance of caution around baseball, there wouldn’t be any games going on right now.

Earlier yesterday, it was announced the world champion Washington Nationals had voted overwhelmingly against traveling to Miami to play the Marlins for a weekend series, according to Rosenthal.

The sport isn’t even one week into its abbreviated 60-game schedule, and it’s already a total debacle that only Rob Manfred could have foisted upon the world.

It seems optimistic to think the Marlins will be ready to play on Sunday. There’s no way to predict that the 15 Marlins will even be in any condition to play. On Monday, the commissioner said that he had no plans to cancel the season.

“We can keep people safe and continue to play,” Manfred said on MLB Network according to’s Bryan Hoch.

Meanwhile the Nationals’ young superstar Juan Soto has apparently alternated negative and positive tests, and needs consecutive negative tests to be cleared to play.

It’s almost as if playing games at all while there’s a pandemic going on was a bad idea.