This Stellar Play By Dustin Pedroia Deserves Multiple Viewings

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On Monday night, while you were getting drunk for the fourth night in a row, Dustin Pedroia made an unbelievable play in Arlington that saved Craig Kimbrel’s ass and helped the Red Sox get a win in extras.

Mike Napoli tied the game at five in the ninth with a home run off Kimbrel, then in the next at-bat, Carlos Gomez hit one to third baseman Deven Marrero, who botched a throw to first baseman Mitch Moreland. Gomez looked like he was going to get away with a free hit—that is until Pedroia came out of nowhere with a diving catch and throw from his belly to catch Gomez off the bag.


If it sounds complicated and fluky, it kind of is. Here’s the play:


In true Pedroia fashion, he told reporters after the game that it was essentially a blue-collar, lunchpail play, though a happy one at that:

I was just backing up the base. I do it every time. Our infielders, we take pride in backing up bases and making sure if there is an overthrow you’re there for your guy. It just worked out for us. It just kicked off in the right spot. I was able to get to it and Mitch was able to get back to the base. It was a big play, especially after they just tied the game.

The Red Sox look to sweep the Rangers tonight.