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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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And yet this is still only the second-weirdest face ever to appear in the background behind erstwhile sideline reporter Jim Knox. (This would be the weirdest.)

The Rangers' broadcast crew gets a bad rap in the baseball business. "Unprofessional" and "a joke" are characterizations said to me recently in regard to to the talent outside the booth. And sure, this sort of thing tends to happen. But Jim Knox—who works not only Rangers games but college football for Fox Sports affiliates—is a true favorite of mine, due mostly to either a willingness to thrust himself into dangerous situations or a complete lack of awareness of his surroundings. (I'm especially fond of his excursions as an embedded reporter in student sections.) His face is seemingly frozen in a shocked expression, and yet a few innings later there he is again, talking to a guy who's eating one of those $26 hot dogs all by himself. There's just something to admire about that, because really there's never been any point to baseball sideline reporters. They don't provide additional analysis or actual sideline reporting like in football or basketball, and the bad ones end up making themselves the story (like Heidi Watney's failed attempt to consume chicken & waffles).


But Jim Knox (and my local favorite, Todd Kalas) are regular dudes who let the color and the crazy speak for themselves; as there's plenty of both at your average baseball game, they simply have to go out and find it.

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