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This Tip About Scantily Clad German Soccer Ladies Totally Buried The Lede

Anybody with a set of eyes would surely agree that that picture of "Mona of BV Sturm Wissel" is a compelling image. In and of itself, it justifies tipster Tomuban's signal to check out a "Women footballers heat up the pitch for [sexy 2012 pin-up] calendar" link.

Now, Tomuban is among my favorite tipsters. He has an international eye, and I post his stuff often. But he neglected to mention that today's most-viewed story on The Local's website was headlined, "Street prostitutes taxed via vending machine."


This is NOT to say that Mona of BV Sturm Wissel or ANY of the ladies in the calendar walk the streets for money, not caring if it's wrong or if it's right. But about this vending machine in the "Rhineland city of Bonn," more information is clearly needed:

As of Monday, prostitutes had to pay the charge of €6 before they start their business, regardless of the number of customers. A notice on the machine defines the prostitute's working hours with bureaucratic efficiency: Monday to Sunday, 8:15 pm to 6:00 am. ...

The city council justified the move on the grounds of fairness. City spokeswoman Monika Frömbgen pointed out that prostitutes working in establishments like brothels and sauna clubs also have to pay taxes. ...

The city's street prostitutes have already been limited to certain areas, following protests from local residents. Six designated, closed off parking spaces have been installed in one area near a brothel where customers can take prostitutes in their cars.


Huh. Sounds like they got a little Whorsterdam over in Bonn.

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