This Ugly-Ass LeBron James Pendant Is Worth A Lot Of Money

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An Akron woman bought this hideous, hideous piece of jewelry four years ago for $5. She just found out that it contains 307 real diamonds. Who says LeBron never did anything for the people of Akron?

Vaneisha Robinson bought it at a yard sale in 2006 thinking it was costume jewelry. Look at it, you assumed it was a cheap trinket too, right? I mean, who would invest real precious gems into that monstrosity? Five dollars almost seems like too a high a price.


Well, she took it to an appraiser. Real 14 karat gold. A hefty 2.15 carats worth of diamonds. It's worth about $10,000.

LeBron James's brand will never die out," she said. "If he got a ring it might go up in value. You never know."


Since LeBron Cavs jerseys are now only worth something to Mitchell & Ness, Robinson's getting out while the getting's good, and has put it on eBay. It can be yours for the totally reasonable price of $9,670.

So go through all your old LeBron merchandise, Cavs fans. If you've got something like this, it'll almost cover what you shelled out for 2010-11 season tickets before The Decision.

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