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The Iditarod kicked off over the weekend, and it'll be more than a week before even the best mushers complete the race. That 1000-mile trek through the Alaskan wilds is tough enough, even without having to take bathroom breaks at rest-stop Hardees or pee off the back of your sled, giggling as the stream crystalizes the second it hits the air. (Note: I do not know anything about the physics of outdoor arctic peeing.)

Thankfully, a North Carolina doctor has invented "Pee Pants"—a device designed to give busy professionals a way to relieve themselves without taking a break. At least four mushers are taking the Pee Pants for a test-pee. The apparatus is described as "a mix of bicycle shorts, funnel and a tube that pokes out next to the musher's boot," which, yeah, I guess makes a lot of sense.


According to one of the guinea pigs, it's perfect for "people that can't pee but have to pee." Like your uncle Morty with a prostate the size of a grapefruit.

[Anchorage Daily News, h/t Tim]

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