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Those 1987 Mets Were True Method Actors

On the list of lazy pre-Christmas time videos to whittle away the remaining office hours with, this one might be the most cringe-inducing. It's part 1 of a half-hour "musical adventure" — here's Part Two and Part Three — involving the 1987 Mets, some extremely annoying children and a "nerd" who illustrates that the "Moneyball" debate has been going on for an awfully long time. Your actors are Gary Carter, Roger McDowell and Mookie Wilson.

We were so befuddled by this video that we felt we had to investigate further, see if it was some sort of legendary Mets video. We buzzed our pal Jason Fry from Faith And Fear In Flushing, who gave us this report.


Oh Lord, the Think Big video, aka the "Star Wars Holiday Special" of Metdom. My dad got me that when it came out. I remember regarding it in stunned horror and struggling to form words. I think I watched it once when I was desperate for baseball in January and then had to hide in a dark room for a week. Old bastards like me remember it, but I bet most Mets fans either never knew about it, have forgotten it, or have managed to repress it.

Repress no longer!

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