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Those Troublesome Reid Boys Are What Brought Mike Vick To Philly

Andy Reid's family drama was once completely off-limits to the press, but now that his sons Garrett and Britt have been (supposedly) rehabilitated, they've taught Coach Andy that second chances are part of his own personal journey.

Florio hinted at this idea early on, that the Michael Vick signing is therapeutic for Coach Andy, who's shifted his no-nonsense coaching style and become more forgiving of people's past transgressions. He's on a personal crusade to become the NFL's Dr. Phil:

"I've seen people close to me who have had second chances and taken advantage of those It's very important that people give them opportunities to prove that they can change, so we're doing that with Michael."


Hug it out.

This is probably a healthy shift in policy for Reid, who's often been accused of being soulless when it comes to football operations and family matters, too wrapped-up in the business side and his clunky playbook binders to have normal social interaction with humans. Now, he's humbled and convinced that Tony Dungy's path to righteousness is both good for his own personal growth and his ability to run gimmicky offensive plays.

And look:


DeSean Jackson is already fist-pounding Mike Vick. Progress is imminent!

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