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In Houston ahead of Wednesday's match against the Dynamo, three Toronto FC players found themselves spending a night in jail. According to the Toronto Sun, Luis Silva, Miguel Aceval and Nick Soolsma were arrested for public intoxication after being involved with a fight at the Escobar club in Midtown. (Being soccer players, their fighting presumably consisted of a lot of kicking.)

"There was a large disturbance outside, the club called," a Houston Police spokesman told the Sun. "Our officers tried to disperse the fight at which time they refused to leave and then began to have verbal altercations with the officers. One of them ran and so the officer ran and the officer took him into custody."


TFC has the worst record in MLS, but at least these three players, from three different countries, are getting along swimmingly.

TFC players busted in drunken brawl [Toronto Sun]

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