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Thursday Night Preview: #23 Miami at Georgia Tech

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These Thursday night ACC Football previews are starting to have a Groundhog Day quality about them. (Insert team here) controls their own destiny unless they lose in which case the same scenerio repeats itself again, and again, and again. Shoot me now. This is why we need a college football tsar (of course he'd have to be Russian) to announce that the loser of Alabama-Florida or the Big 12 Championship Game will be deemed the ACC Champion this year. Wouldn't this be great? If your conference was so bad that by popular acclamation (or tsar dictatorship) Sergei Eisenstein could decree the winner of your conference? Anyway, Miami, winners of five straight ballgames, can get close to clinching the Coastal Division with a win at Georgia Tech. Both teams are 7-3. Miami is 4-2, Georgia Tech is 4-3 in the ACC. If Miami wins out we know they'll be in Tampa at the ACC Championship Game. They might get there by splitting their past two games. Why? The other five teams in their division are coming off losses. But if Georgia Tech wins they become the first ACC team into the clubhouse with 5 wins in the division. Unfortunately for Georgia Tech they've already managed to lose to three of the five teams in their division. Meaning even if they get to five wins they're likely to lose the multi-team tiebreak on division record. Which makes things complicated once more. So, of course, Georgia Tech is favored by 4 points and will find a way to win. Look for a low-scoring and ugly game. And lots of future engineers getting rowdy in the crowd. Oh, and one dumpy, moderately attractive girl who is going to spend the rest of her life thinking she is smoking hot thanks to the fact that she went to Georgia Tech. Hopefully she won't be your co-worker. Loser.

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