A reader, digging through some of their dad's old things, found a relic from the mid-80s that couldn't be more dated than if it showed a picture of Flock of Seagulls.

It's a "Season Ticket Application" for the Boston Red Sox circa 1984, in which you simply choose which games you want to go to, select the number of tickets you want and then mail in the application. And the prices are the best part: The Upper Box Seats, sections 8 through 33, are $7.50.

When we were young, our parents used to tell us how going to the movies cost a quarter. We thought they were crazy. This is our modern day equivalent.

Speaking of the '80s, by the way, The Sporting News is starting its Strat-O-Matic simulation of the 1986 season. We're managing the injury-plagued Cardinals, with Baba Booey leading the Mets. We've got Mike Heath fever!

Oh, and here's a larger version of that ticket: