A Wisconsin middle school band had hoped to fund their trip to Disney World by auctioning off an athlete's autographed photo. That athlete? Tiger Woods. That auction? Last weekend. Shit.

The Clintonville Middle School band had planned to head to Orlando for Spring Break; they've been fundraising for 10 months. "This will literally be a once in a lifetime thing. It's our one-time shot," said their band director, masterfully employing pathos.

The big ticket was Tiger, oh we were counting on Tiger. He came in the week before the concert ... A big 16 x 20, double fist pump, autographed in gold, we were really excited," said [Tami] Bagstad.

The culmination of their fundraising was an auction, where the centerpiece would be an autographed 16 x 20 of Tiger Woods. They got it from his staff, and were all set to raise the last couple thousand to put Disney World within reach.

Then...you know.

The photo went for all of $300, leaving the band well short of what they needed. So, way to go Tiger. Not only did you let down your family, your sponsors and your fans, but some apple-cheeked Wisconsonite children who just wanted to see the Magic Kingdom before they die.

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