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Tiger Woods Is Back! (On Twitter)

Woods posted to his Twitter account for the first time since June of 2009. That's 509 days and one career-shredding scandal later. What does it meaaaan?

What's up everyone. Finally decided to try out twitter!less than a minute ago via web


Tiger Woods

The analysis has already begun. (No question mark? He doesn't really care what's up with everyone, does he?)

While technically not his first Tweet, the previous three were all sent out the day he joined up, inviting us to check out his Facebook/Twitter/Website. Clearly the work of a bored intern or a machine that flunks the Turing test. So maybe this is a new dawn, a new era of a more human, more accessible Tiger Woods. Newly single, lacking in sponsors, maybe he is ready to come down from the mountain and walk among us.

The five Twitter accounts he follow? The Tiger Woods Foundation, the Tiger Woods Learning Center, the Tiger Action Plan, EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and Nike Golf.


Okay, maybe not.

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