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Tiger Woods Is Having A Great Time In Dubai

Your morning roundup for Feb. 11, the day the White House has to play whatever cards they have left

• Sure, Tiger Woods hasn't won on the course in more than a year, but today, he shot 6-under par to play himself into contention at the Dubai Desert Classic [BBC Sport]. This came one day after Arabian Business reported he'd received $55.4 million to promote a resort there [Fox Sports]. That should help with the $54 million mortgage.


• Jeremy Green, who used to work for ESPN, pleaded guilty to a pesky possession of child pornography charge. He's expected to get a 20-year sentence which won't require him to serve nearly that much time in the clink. The case was really about more than possession; he allegedly tried to have a mother hook him up with her three children. Mother was an undercover cop, though. [Hartford Courant]

• The feds dropped six perjury* charges against Barry Bonds. (*technically, the charges were making false statements to a federal grand jury in December 2003 about using steroids as he chased baseball's all-time home run records.) [Mercury News]


• Ray Allen broke the NBA's 3-point record in the first quarter of last night's loss to the Lakers. Besides the record itself, his numbers are a lot better than former record-holder Reggie Miller. [Boston Globe]

• More than $18 million will be spent to replace the Metrodome's 10-acre roof. It remains unclear whether the lid will be affixed for the first preseason game in the team's last season in the building. Insurance should cover most of it, though. [Star Tribune]


• Ricky Rubio, the Spanish prospect who may play for the Minnesota Wolves someday, is "not worried about poot shooting." []


• Josh Hamilton agreed to a 2-year/$24 million deal with the Texas Rangers. [Arlington Star-Telegram]

• So, Charlie Sheen went to UCLA to try to hit some dingers at batting practice with Coco Crisp, Eric Davis, Brandon Watson and Milton Bradley yesterday. I wish I was creative enough to have made that last sentence up. [TMZ]


• Gun play at the Georgetown/Providence game! Gun play during the Georgetown/Providence game! []

• On Monday, former Brooklyn Dodgers infielder Tony Malinosky was, at 101 years old, the oldest living major leaguer. On Tuesday, he wasn't. RIP. [CBS Chicago]


If the second Friday of every month always started with a song from future mayor of Miami Uncle Luke, the second Friday of every month would totally be the best day of all. (NSFW)

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