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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Tiger Woods Roundup: A New Vixen Cashes In Her Self-Esteem For Tabloid Infamy

Meet Julie Postle, an Orlando cocktail waitress who blew off her ex for Tiger Woods. Postle revealed that she stored Woods' name in her cell phone as "Mr. Brightside," which is just gross. And is the Woods marriage a sham?

• The New Yorker examines why Tiger Woods was the perfect pitchman: "For millions of people-many of them, to be sure, affluent middle-aged white guys-Woods embodied an approach not just to golf but to life. Myriad studies show that celebrity endorsements are most successful when there is a tight fit between the pitchman's identity and the product he's pitching. Woods was the rare athlete whose identity seemed to fit not just with golf clubs or sports drinks but with consulting firms."[New Yorker]


• Lawrence Taylor says the first thing Woods should do when he goes back to golf is beat the crap out of Jesper Parnevik: "There is a line that you don't cross over. Not as another player because you don't know do that. (Host: Well he was the one that introduced them.) I don't care! He introduced his nanny to Tiger? We have all had nannies." [SRI]

• More insight into Tiger's double-life: Uchitel's been offered $5 million in hush money? [Daily Beast]

• Out of work caddy Steve Williams keeps talking to everyone. His hush-money check must not have cleared yet. [AP]

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