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Tiger Woods Rumored To Be Getting His Becky On, Internet Declares.

The National Enquirer has been tailing a 34-year-old NYC woman whom they claim is having a dirty affair with Eldrick. They even have pictures of her in Australia checking into the same hotel as him. Brilliant MediaTakeout commenters respond accordingly.

Moe_Mahogany is incensed:

Man Fuc That Blaisain MF golf aint even a sport..cant wait to rob that nicca

PhatKatBurglar tries to reason with him:

Tiger don't phuck up man, you got a nice little pinktoe at home.

HotSauce commends his jump-off choice:

The jump-off ain't that bad. I guess he didn't want cheat down like that dude from ESPN. Either go same level, or cheat up. Oh, yeah, Tiger doesn't claim his black side because he gets his golf skills from his Asian side. If this was basketball, then it would be different. LoL!...that should start some shyt!


Bluepeas offers an alternate theory:

His wife probably can't cook..or use Hamburger Helper, seriously. The way to any black man's heart is thru his stomach. My kid's paternal granny taught me that. When I was young & didn't cook yet, I wouldn't trust a man worth a shyt. But now that I cook about 5,6 cultures of all different foods & bake my butt off...I can't get rid of'em for nothing! I'm juggling 3 cats & don't have sex w/ none of'em

And then YoungYacht keeps everybody in check:

We dont know if this is true, he looks to square and business-focused to trip up like this. But you never can tell.

If it is true Tiger aint trying to smash nothing darker than a white paper bag.



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