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Tiger Woods' Shirts Are Not Flattering On Regular Humans

The handsome young man in this photo is CNBC's Darren Rovell. Check out the nips!

Rovell ended up getting a version of the shirt Tiger Woods is scheduled to wear during the British Open final on Sunday, and it turns out, the nipples will show up on everyone. And if you're a regular golfer but aren't quite as cut as Tiger — or Darren! — it is perhaps wise for you to avoid trying to wear this.

I'm a five-foot-10, 178-pound guy who works out pretty regularly and just lifted weights for an hour and a half just to get ready for this photo. I proudly don't fall into the 66 percent of Americans who are overweight, which is the same percentage, by the way, of American golfers who are overweight, according to a survey taken last year by The Wall Street Journal and Golf Digest. How do I feel in it? Not good, either.


Honestly, this reminds us of the time our father tried to wear skin-tight Under Armor. Not pleasant.

Tiger Woods' Golf Shirt: Not Quite Fitting To A "Tee" [CNBC]

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