Tigers And Twins Desperately Trying To Make You Care About Baseball

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The 2009 baseball season has been a bit of a dud, drama-wise. So how about a final week double-header that will MEAN EVERYTHING! Or change everything. Or solve nothing? I forget how these dramatic finishes are supposed to work.

The Tigers and Twins will play two today, so psyche yourself up, will ya! Of course, if either one of these teams had put in the slightest bit of effort they could have run away with this sad division weeks ago. But hey... pennant race! We will have meaningful baseball in September even if it kills us all. And it might.

(P.S. Don't the let the Braves fool you either. Sure, they're only two back of the Rockies in the Wild Card, but their "Team Of Destiny Index Rating" (TODIR) is quite low.)


Nick Blackburn and Rick Porcello start if off right now and it's Brian Duensing vs. Justin Verlander in the nightcap, so if you can find it in your hearts to pay attention to baseball today that would really help the sport out a lot. Pretty please? One of the teams has to be heroically defeated by Derek Jeter next week, so you might as well get to know them now.

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