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Tiger's "Other Woman" Says Affair Story Is "Ridiculous"

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The New York Post landed an exclusive interview with Rachel Uchitel, the woman accused of having an affair with Tiger Woods, as far as angry vehement denials go this is a pretty good one.


Naturally, by exclusive interview, they really mean that they put a tape recorder in front of Uchitel, let her rant for twenty minutes or so about all the people who are out to get her and then transcribed it. (The only downside to this strategy is that the Post didn't have room to call her a "buxom beauty.") Uchitel says she's only met Tiger twice in her whole life, and only in her capacity as a VIP party planner. She didn't sleep with him, didn't sext him, didn't follow him to Melbourne, Australia, so she could sneak into his room and destroy his marriage, and he definitely didn't tell her that he loved her. So there you go.

But she also had some choice words for the women that she believes sold her out to the National Enquirer.

"She's just a total train wreck, this girl, and decided because she heard me say Tiger's name a bunch and her and her wicked little friend are looking for a story . . . I think they probably misinterpreted because they are on so many drugs and just stupid. When I was arguing four hours on the phone about Tiger, they probably thought, 'Oh, Rachel knows Tiger.'


[One of the sources] is just looking for a payday because she is a f- - -ing hooker and wants money. She just got a little smart for once and put some things together she could use for a story."

Now that's an interview! It remains to be seen whether she produces the witnesses and evidence that she says will clear her name, or whether anyone will believe it—especially Mrs. Eldrick—but she does make a pretty persuasive argument. You should really read the whole thing, especially the part where she talks about wanting a regular normal guy to settle down with.

Dude ... that's you! You should totally call her!

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