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It says something about the state of baseball that the least interesting thing about this play, from the top of the ninth inning of an 11–6 Mariners win over the Tigers, is that it was Kyle Seager’s third dinger of the night. Multi-homer games are so common now that they’re becoming passé—for crying out loud, Gleyber Torres schedules one on his personal calendar whenever his Yankees face the pathetic Orioles (probably).

So, sure, Seager mashed three homers against the Tigers tonight. Big whoop. The Tigers are the only team in baseball to have a worse record than the O’s. They came into Tuesday night 35.5 games out in the AL Central. With every Tom, Dick, and Harry ripping off four home runs a week these days, nobody who is not related to Seager will remember this three-dong night. Or, anyway, if they remember it at all, there’s a good chance it will be because Tigers utility man Niko Goodrum reached up and punched a fly ball over the outfield wall, turning what should’ve been an out into Seager’s third round-tripper.


The Tigers have benefited tremendously from the spectacular shittiness of the 2019 Baltimore Orioles, who’ve largely taken the spotlight off of Detroit’s abysmal, utterly lost season. These goofs do enough to help the opposition just in the normal course of a baseball game, without also uppercutting warning-track shots into the bullpen.

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