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Tim from Richboro: "I was in section 106, row 10, seat 4. I was there Monday and I was there last night (with my brother). It was an amazing night. Unbelievable. I NEVER thought I would see this day. I think I hugged everyone in section 106. Children stood awestruck. Grown men wept. Rally towels waved everywhere. The crowd had their A game before the 1st pitch and were only quiet for the brief period when Madson gave up the home run. I have only heard more noise from thunderous weather calamities. (more after the jump)"The celebration afterwards was unreal. The roar took probably 20 minutes to die down after out #3 in the 9th. Bud Selig was booed so loudly that we could not hear what he was saying in the stands. He could not hand the trophy over fast enough. Outside, people were climbing on the statues, high fiving everything that moved, pouring beer on each other, holding up “We Win” signs. Pattison Ave was JAMMED with people. Cops on foot had to part the crowd to get police cruisers through. My brother might still be stuck in a parking lot off of Broad Street. Take that New York. Have some of that, Joe Buck. Hey, MLB you didn’t get Manny vs. Boston. HA-HA! To you Tampa fans I argued with last weekend in Clearwater: In your face!"


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