Last Friday, Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche went on MLB Network's Intentional Talk to rap about huntin' and prankin' with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. The entire interview is below, but you should skip ahead to the 3:10-mark to hear LaRoche talk about the time he started a prank war that began with him cutting the crotch out of all of the Atlanta Braves' sliding shorts and ended with Braves pitcher Tim Hudson taking a dump in LaRoche's glove.

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LaRoche claims that he came out the victor of that prank war because his prank tallied 25 victims whereas the Braves' retribution only affected him. We're going to disagree with LaRoche on that point, though, because he's the one who ended up with shit in his glove. Nobody with a glove full of human shit is ever the winner of anything.

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