As you've probably heard, GQ used old photos of Tim Tebow for one of its September covers (Cam Newton has the other). Tebow didn't agree to sit for a shoot, so they went to the archives, and voila, there's a September cover. (N.B.: For anyone complaining about this—Mike Florio is particularly worked up—this is a really common practice for magazines. This is by no means a crime.)

Anyway, photos of the GQ September cover hit the web on Tebow's birthday (i.e., the day ESPN lost its fucking mind). And how'd he find out about it? Act surprised:

[The photo shoot] was something that I think I did maybe six years ago in college. Honestly the first time I heard [about] it was when we were in the cafeteria and it was on ESPN. That's when I found out, so it was kind of a shocker to me as well.

ESPN reminds Tim Tebow of old photo shoots. ESPN wishes Tim Tebow a happy birthday. ESPN keeps Tim Tebow up to date on all things Tim Tebow. ESPN: the best executive assistant you could ever have.